News regarding our defoamers / deaerators

By using S-SURF-PD215 we were able to reduce the air content in the process water of a specialty paper/decorative paper manufacturer (compared to the product currently in use) and at the same time saved 40% product consumption. Leading to improved formation due to less air in the system as well as cost savings.

S-SURF-PD46: The newly developed and highly biodegradable defoamer showed significantly better surface foam control in the aeration basion of a wastewater treatment plant of a paper mill than the silicone-based product currently in use.

S-SURF-SK4: By improving the formulation, the performance of the coating defoamer could be improved whilst complying to the specifications of the US FDA and the Chinese GB 9685 list.

S-SURF-AK3: For a manufacturer of papers based on 100% kraftpulp, the concentrate S-SURF-AK3 (100% active ingredient) was able to replace a defoamer dispersion: Significantly lowering product consumption (leading to reduced handling) consistent defoamer effect, and – last but not least - reduced costs.