Water is one of the most important components for high quality and healthy products in the food industry.

The food and beverage industry faces many challenges - from the raw materials, to the end product and the "CO2 footprint" - which must all be managed. The focus is always on satisfaction of consumer needs, whose expectations and values are virtually in a constant flux. The resulting requirements for food safety and compliance with legal regulations always have top priority. Striving for increased effectiveness in the manufacturing processes as well as high quality standards lead to an ever increasing awareness of the need to optimise production facilities and processes for the economic success of the company. As a result, resources in the entire production process - modern and up-to-date solutions for water treatment - are becoming increasingly important and are the focus of many well-known food manufacturers.

With its innovative technologies for industrial water treatment, Servophil makes a valuable contribution to fulfilling this mission.

Implementation and combination of chemical and physical processes:

  • Conservation of natural resources

  • Use of ecological processes and products (biodegradable)
  • Minimisation of the use of detergents and biocides
  • Biocide-free water treatment and deposit prevention
  • Biobased corrosion inhibitors for pasteurization and sterilization systems
  • Cleaning agents for all tasks
  • Biodegradable hardness stabilization for cooling and process water
  • pH - neutral cooling water treatment for high cooling water concentration factors and optimal corrosion protection
  • Hardness stabilization / dispersants (bio-based) for membrane systems
  • Modern boiler water treatment and conditioning of condensate systems