It is Servophil`s goal to help our customers in the industry to achieve increased efficiency and productivity through effective process- and water treatment.

Every time we are successful in helping you as our customer, we feel it is our corporate social responsibility (CSR) to share this success also with people in this world, who cannot take clean drinking water, basic sanitation and hygienic wastewater for granted.

We are therefore pleased to support WfW (Water for Water), a non-profit partner, that addresses these specific water issues - currently with ongoing projects in Zambia and Mozambique.

Poverty, inequality and rapid population growth in urban areas - a major problem, even if water is available in abundance. Therefore the primary objectives of the WfW projects are:

  • Secure water supply
    • Availability in the living space
    • Gender equality: women are often the ones spending a lot of time fetching water; time that is then lacking for education.
    • Water quality
  • Hygiene for health: Basic sanitation        
    • Counteracting waterborne diseases
    • Support local actors and structures in a targeted manner
    • Imparting knowledge about personal hygiene and diseases in the use of water
  • Education in the water sector
    • Water-specific courses
    • Financial support for students


Help for our fellow Ukrainians:
Great solidarity at Servophil! Our employees and Servophil AG have donated together CHF 10'000 to various aid organisations (inkl. International Red Cross) for the aid in Ukraine and for the Ukranien refugees.