• Microbiocides for water cycles and process auxiliaries
  • Preservatives for pigment slurries
  • Fresh water disinfectant
  • Oxidative and non-oxidative slime control agents
  • Odour inhibitors
  • Antimicrobial / fungicidal treatment

Use biocidal products carefully. Always read label and product information before use.


  • SCS (Servophil Clean System): Effective, continuous treatment to keep a paper machine short cycle clean.


  • Alkaline cleaners for systems and foam applications
  • Acidic cleaners for systems and foam applications
  • Solvent-free cleaners for water bearing systems


  • Functional bacteria for the removal and control of organic deposits in cooling- and process water, odour control and control of the pH value


  • Ultrasound for removal and control of microbiological deposits in recirculating cooling water


  • Sticky control in the paper production process (e.g. system water cycle, broke, recycled paper, wastewater treatment plant, bio-sludge)
  • Screen and felt conditioning agent for PM clothing
  • Scale inhibitors for water circuits (e.g. vacuum pumps, heat exchangers, spray pipes, nozzles, condensers)
  • Scale inhibitors / deposit control / corrosion inhibitors for cooling water systems
  • Pitch control


  • Defoamer and deaerator concentrates for water cycle
  • Dispersion defoamers and deaerators for water cycle


  • Anionic powder and liquid products for process- and waste water
  • Cationic powder and liquid products for process- and waste water
  • Dry strength


  • Dispersing agents in the paper production process (e.g. pigments and coating colours)


  • Consulting for complex problems
  • Temporary special solutions


Our recently developed remote monitoring tool. All relevant data - for your system - are processed with a software and online graphically provided (secure Servophil server in Switzerland). You benefit from a personalized dashboard. Your advantages:

  • Maximum optimisation of treatment (additionally to the on-site service) and product dosage as well as machine operation
  • Highest technical availability of your plant through personalized service
  • Increase in productivity thanks to future-oriented data analysis

Our sensors are connected directly to our remote monitoring tool and provide you online data:

ABS - online deposit sensor:

Continuous deposit monitoring with the online deposit sensor to increase machine availability and reduce cleaning downtime

S-SurfPLUS :

Online monitoring and control of foam levels to improve productivity and optimize defoamer costs


Online turbidity monitoring for continuous control of flocculation and optimization of polymer costs


Online monitoring of product level, temperature in containers and drums, and location of the containers and drums