CORONA - current situation

Dear customers, friends and suppliers of Servophil

I think you feel the same way many of us do: While the avalanche of news about Corona continues, we are all trying to understand and classify the short and medium term effects on our lifes and work.

Although we also experience some uncertainty brought about by the current situation, we at Servophil - as a medium-sized, independent service partner to industry - feel mainly agility and energy to use the challenges as an opportunity to become better in what we do, and are paid for by our customers.

Servophil has taken the following measures to ensure that we remain calm, focused and flexible to maintain and improve your (and our) productivity

Flexible and reliable deliveries of raw materials and finished products:

  • Decentralized (at our suppliers) and regional as well as increased safety stocks for raw materials.
  • Doubling up on regional stocks of finished products.
  • Servophil has a wide range of products which allows us to switch to alternative raw materials or products in case of emergency.

We have adapted our services to the situation:

  • We have deployed our regional teams of application engineers and account managers to ensure that qualified local support is always available to our customers and partners.
  • Our digital S-ServicePLUS remote monitoring infrastructure enables us to monitor our dosing systems and process treatments online at all times.
  • With our S-TrackPLUS sensor, at any time (24/7) we can tell how much material is left in your IBC, how much is your consumption / stock, location of the container and under what conditions (temperature) our container or drum is located, without the need for us to be present on your premises.
  • We have increased our service levels so that we can continue to do what Servophil does best: to be close to our customers in each and every situation.
  • Adapted transport routes/volumes increase our reliability in our supply, despite perhaps sometimes longer leadtimes

With all these measures we can respond to your individual requirements and help to keep your business running safely.

Please contact us - how can we help you to manage this crisis?

With the very best wishes for your health and your business,


Pieter Steenbeek

Managing Director