5 years success story with functional bacteria

It is in Servophil's DNA to develop environmentally friendly solutions for the treatment of water circuits.

For more than 5 years now, we have been successfully using our innovative functional bacteria (S-BACPRO products) instead of biocides - in an ever-growing number of applications, for instance in the paper & steel industry.

Functional Bacteria are beneficial microorganisms, safe for humans and the environment (food quality compliant), which promote life and colonize the system with desirable bacteria.

The use of functional bacteria as a biological cleaner is a very interesting alternative to conventional chemical products, that are widely used in water treatment. The application possibilities are manifold with great benefits:

  • odour control
  • organic deposits control
  • acidification prevention
  • indirect support in complying with legionella limits in cooling systems
  • process optimization without chemicals
  • sustainability
  • risk reduction for operators and the environment

There is much more to be discovered - environmentally friendly water treatment guaranteed!

      successful organic deposits control


     acidification prevention & odour control - less anaerobes after dosing S-BACPRO


If you are also looking for process optimization without chemicals for a more sustainable future, simply get in touch with us. Join our success story!